Vanessa Stewart

Spiritual Medium


  • Mediumship

  • Intuitive Development Coaching


  • 1:1 75-minute Intuitive Development with Your Spirit Guides Coaching Session (Packages available)

  • 1:1 75-minute Twin Flame in Spirit Mentoring Session (Packages available)

Specializations:  Spirit Guide Connection, Twin Flames in Spirit Support & Guidance, Intuitive Development

Circumstances, Opportunities, Issues and Ailments I work with:

Feel Spirits, hear spirits. See spirits, spirit guides, wants validation, wants to connect to spirit guides, receive messages from spirit guides, develop their intuition, open their awareness,pen their connection to their soul, inner self, divine self, higher self, experiencing an intimate connection, loving connection with  spirit, feels like a spouse wants to understand what that connection is and what this spirit is trying to show them, twin flame, soul mate, twin soul, spirit spouse connection, spirit guides, spirit guide connection, connect to spirit guides, intuition, developing intuition, intuitive development, spirit communication, twin flames, twin souls, twin flame connection

How We Connect: Video, Zoom

Location: Rancho Cucamonga, California, USA

Founding Practitioner

Vanessa Stewart is a Spiritual Medium who works as an Intuitive Mentor and Spirit Guide Facilitator. Her passion is helping people meet their spirit team, learn how to co-create with them, and discover their divine inner selves in the process.

She also mentors those who are coming into a unique type of twin flame journey, where the twin soul first makes contact as their higher self in spirit. Having experienced this journey herself, Vanessa helps to guide those who are navigating the twin flame reunion themselves. 

You can find Vanessa coaching people on how to create a purposeful relationship with their spirit teams in her private Facebook group “Connect to your Spirit Guides & Twin Flame in Spirit.” 

Vanessa conducts 1-on-1 Intuitive Development with Your Spirit Guides coaching sessions and Twin Flame in Spirit mentoring sessions.

"By knowing your spirit guides, you can then know yourself, and

recognize the divine being that you are."

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