Topic: Akashic Records & Soul Contracts

What are Akashic Records and how do we access them? 

A Bit about Soul Contracts

Create Your Own Path

Opportunities to develop, educate, understand

Below find sessions, courses and options to delve into the topic: 


Introductory Sessions:

     Introduction to the Topic

     Sample Trust Session

     Exploring Your Personal Soul Contracts

     Your Soul Song - Channeling your Personal Light Language

Advanced Sessions:

       Akashic Soul Readings with Nancy Smith

     Sacred Soul Map Program with Candi Hozza

     Past Lives and Soul Contracts with Nancy Smith

     Soul Contract Reading


Holistic Campus is happy to share Guided Pathway Programs in any modality or life circumstance



If you have an issue or Topic you would like to create a specific package on, we will be happy to create one for you, taking into consideration your unique needs and desired outcome.

Every step of your path,

planned & prepared for you, and together we walk the pathway,

step by step.

We feel the importance in taking care of our whole selves, and the importance of making the pieces needed available in once place. We even more are passionate about making these services both attainable and sustainable. In other words - it should cost a weeks worth of groceries to have one session with a practitioner. 

We have taken the sessions of our practitioners, and melded them with courses, one on one conversations 

Our guided  packages are not cookie-cutter, they are not one size fits all - but instead they are tailored to your individual life, your personal hopes, dreams, aspirations and mountains to climb.

Here is how it works:

You are personally guided by a Holistic Campus Pathway Guide, who understands the process intimately. Your personal Pathway Guide works with you step by step, and sets up appointments with the right practitioners and instructors that you need those and you will participate in hand selected private sessions, on-demand courses, counseling, healing, and other services that will be specifically chosen for you and with you, and your journey. 


These packages are at a much reduced cost versus choosing individually. Simple payment plans are available as requested. 

 Email us here or contact us at the button below:

Other Options

Other Options that may help in guiding you on your spiritual path:

Balancing your Chakras

Taming your Ego

Aura Cleansing

Spiritual Counseling

Would you care for some help?
It would be our pleasure to assist, answer your questions,
and offer guidance.
No obligation, no cost. We're just here to help.
Click here to reach out to a Pathway Guide
Would you care for some help?
It would be our pleasure to assist, answer your questions,
and offer guidance.
No obligation, we're just here to help.
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