Terry Crowningshield

Shamanic Healer


  • 90-minute Consultation & Healing Session 

  • 60-minute Comprehensive Healing Session

  • 60-minute Ultimate Healing Session with 2 Shamans


  • Shamanism

  • Children and Family Shamanic Healer

  • Spiritual Healer

  • Soul Healing

Founding Practitioner

Circumstances, Opportunities, Issues and Ailments I work with:

Find and heal lifetimes of original wounds, Heal and erase imprints from energy field, Clear and heal karma, pain and trauma from past, present and future, Remove curses, genetic imprints/beliefs, Balance energy flow to align Masculine and Feminine energy, Heal and re-write soul contracts, Soul Retrieval, Find and retrieve power animals, Cut cords, Extractions, Stone Circle Divinations(tm)

How We Connect: Phone, in person

Location: Lewis, New York, USA


  • Children, young adults and families

  • Find and heal lifetimes of original woundings

  • Heal and erase imprints from energy field

  • Clear and heal karma, pain and trauma from past, present and future

  • Remove curses, genetic imprints and beliefs

  • Balance energy to align with Divine Masculine and Feminine

  • Heal and re-write soul contracts

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Find and retrieving power animals

  • Cut cords

  • Extractions

As a Family Shamanic Practitioner, Terry Crowningshield works with individual family members, as well as the entire family, to help heal karma, pain, trauma and genetics so that each person in the family, and the family itself, can become whole and healed. Through the work she does, doors to new beginnings and new possibilities are opened wide for each individual, and the family, to step onto new paths toward creating fresh new stories filled with joy, Light and Love. Through this work, Terry helps one find Hope when all seems dark, for it is the Love of Spirit and the Light of one’s
Soul that empowers one to heal and be transported to the here and now.

Terry’s journey as a Shamanic Healer began twenty-six years ago through the result of a traumatic car accident that led to a near death experience and later to a series of life-altering health issues. Not happy with traditional Western medical practices, Terry turned to other modalities for ways to heal. In her search, she was given a book about shamanic healing by Alberto Villoldo. This book truly resonated with Terry and she knew in her heart it was the Universe telling her to pursue this path. So she trained with Alberto Villoldo and studied Shamanic healing with The Four Winds. Terry also traveled to Peru and studied and worked with the Q'ero Inka Shamans and the Jungle Shamans in the Amazon. Additionally, she has worked and studied with an Ecuadorian Shaman.

Along with being a Shamanic Healer, Terry has also been a full time Visual Arts Teacher of children for the past thirty-seven years. As a Shaman and a Teacher, she has learned to integrate her shamanic work into her teaching in a way that brings balance to both worlds. In the world of Visual Arts, Terry as the teacher opens a door and invites students in to explore and learn new ways to express and discover themselves.  In the world of Shamanic Healing, Terry as the Shaman opens a door and invites clients in to explore and learn new ways to express themselves while discovering who they were, who they are now, and who they are becoming so they can be fully open to all the new possibilities that the Universe holds for them. Terry is their guide as they learn to listen with their hearts and hear the Universe’s call.

"Give me Hope when all is dark

and I will see the Light."

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