What is Life Coaching

A Life Coach is someone that can help you look at your current life-situation from another perspective with the purpose of gaining clarity on where you are, why you’re there and what needs to shift to help bring you towards the happiness and fulfillment you’re seeking.

The term “Coach” is telling because it makes a connection to a sports coach. A sports coach’s job is to bring clarity to what an athlete is supposed to be doing for greater success as well as inspiring and empowering the athlete to perform at the highest level they are capable. In this way, a Life Coach is there to bring clarity to situations and empower the client to live at their highest level.

During a Life Coaching session the Truth bubbles up to the surface and as it’s touched upon and brought to light…the client can feel it as Truth. This is important because each person’s path is different and if the information isn’t “clicking” or “feeling like Truth”, either it’s not that person’s Truth or they are not ready for that to be addressed yet and it’s more beneficial to come in another door. Clients should be able to know that they’re heading in the right direction for the most part and as the trust builds between client and coach, sometimes larger leaps can be made. What you’re doing should make sense to you intellectually and feel correct for you internally. When you get it, you’ll know it!

Society is simply made up of the people in it, so as the people find more peace and happiness, the society reflects more peace and happiness. As it is in the microcosm, it is in the macrocosm. People who are feeling like there’s more to life or are feeling stuck are simply ready. Ready for something different, ready to awaken, ready to embrace all the joy, fulfillment and love that’s out there just waiting for them! As we “Be” the change we wish to see in the world…the world begins to change. This is the true benefit of Life Coaching…it’s to help shift the world into a better way of existing. A way filled with love.

Thank you for letting me share a brief overview of what Life Coaching consists of. If anything here makes you feel like it’s worth looking into, than follow that feeling…that’s what it’s all about! I appreciate you taking the time to read this, it’s certainly a great step in the direction of whatever will help you find what you’re seeking.

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