Quantum Nutrition: Eat Smart Food for Health

One of the primary purposes of this blog is to help me learn, grow and apply the material that I am picking up in my journey to becoming a holistic nutritionist.  By analyzing and simplifying information on current trends in diet and nutrition published by medical journals, international news outlets and industry professionals, I can further my education and integrate what I am learning in the classroom with the information made available to everyone.  And, although veggiefeed.com was founded on the premise of helping me learn and become more equipped to create the lasting change that I find necessary, I believe that it also provides me a great opportunity to host more focused discussions on topics regarding health and wellness that may not be as ‘marketable’ as what we see everyday and open my readership up to new ideas that have not gained a considerable amount of notoriety through conventional media outlets.  That being said, what better way to get the party (school year) started than with a discussion of quantum nutrition and the natural intelligence that is woven through the fabric of the universe?

Quantum Physics

Quantum nutrition is founded on the principles of quantum physics where neuropeptides, messenger molecules, allow nature to be flexible and permit the transformation of the intangible to tangible, non-matter to matter.  Without getting to physics heavy, the best illustration and the most frequently cited example of this natural flexibility is light and how it has the ability to behave like a wave (nonmaterial) and a particle (material).  Light waves can be seen through a prism, where white light is broken down into the colors of the rainbow that are composed of different wave lengths.  Conversely, light particles can be seen when dimming an incandescent light bulb to its lowest level so that light is exposed as ‘grainy’.  Light cannot simultaneously exist as both wave and particle, but it is able to move between the two when aided by a quantum event at a point of transformation that exists beyond our perception or scientific measure.

Quantum Body

To understand how our rudimentary example of quantum physics applies to us, it may be best illustrated with a rundown of the all-knowing intelligence that generates the characteristics unique to humans, DNA.  DNA spends all its time creating more life and consists of subatomic particles like protons, neutrons and electrons.  Since we do not have the ability to deconstruct living matter further to determine its exact source, we can surmise one of two things: either our DNA and subatomic particles are born out of nothingness or that quantum events transform a universal, natural ‘intelligence’ into the matter and energy that forms atoms, molecules and DNA.  Moving towards the later of the two, matter and energy are born out of something that is not matter or energy and springs into existence from a region that simply knows how to organize matter and intelligence.  This is the quantum body, the layer of intelligence between mind and body where our thoughts are organized and particles manifested with the aid of quantum events.  Our DNA sits just beyond the point of transformation, ready to receive the signals that dictate the environmental adaptations of our bodies and determine how we respond to external stimuli.

Quantum Nutrition

While universal intelligence is definitely at work in our bodies, we can take this one step further and assert that food (matter) demonstrates similar intelligence.  Knowing that food contains the energy that fuels mechanical and neurological activity, our body can utilize its intelligence to distribute nutrients to the appropriate places.  However, not all food is created equal and body systems can deteriorate to the point that it hinders our ability to thrive.  Whole foods that are unaltered and remain closer to their natural state contain more of the earth’s ‘smart’ energy and will be better utilized to nourish the body.  In holistic circles, this is often the argument for the power of food in healing and the argument against the ability of synthetic medicines (vitamins included).  Further, biological systems can deteriorate with poor nutrition, illness, and age, which can hinder our ability to utilize food.  It’s a vicious cycle where poor diet leads to poor health, which encourages the use of synthetic medications that end up taking us further from our natural state and override our natural intelligence.  Breaking this cycle is of paramount importance if we wish to be healthy and fully able to participate in life.

Springing from the immaterial and creating the foundation of life, embracing the inherent universal intelligence and utilizing the world’s natural energy is crucial in achieving optimal health and wellness.

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