Introducing Angels

Angels appear in many different sacred texts. There are more than 350 references to Angels found in the Bible. Angels are found in most religious texts such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Native American, and Zoroastrianism. Some shamanistic spiritual systems referred to Angels as winged creatures that bring guidance.

Angels were mentioned in recorded history as far back as 3000 B.C. Angels were present in ancient cultures of Egypt, Babylon, Persia, and India. They may not have been called “Angels” by these cultures but all were acknowledged as winged beings of higher consciousness.

Angels are light beings. Angels are God's messengers serving and ministering to humanity. Angels do not have wings. Artists painted wings long ago to represent their relationship as messengers from God. It’s interesting to note that Michelangelo did not represent Angels with wings. Angels have appeared to me both ways with wings and without. I think when I see wings it is really the Angels glow, aura, or energy that surrounds them. Angels are gentle loving beings who want to assist in our daily lives, planning, inspiring us, reminding us of God’s love, protecting us, healing, and co-creating with us. They have never had a physical body. They have never spent any time on the earth plane. All Angels have a warm and loving energy. They only want to help us on our spiritual journey, as our souls grow and learn the Angels are also learning and advancing their spiritual growth and understanding. In this way, we are helping each other. Learning to communicate with the Angels helps you both to gain a deeper understanding of each others world. It opens you both up to reaching your greatest potential.

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