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We feel the importance in taking care of our whole selves, and the necessity of making the pieces needed available in one place. We also realize just how confusing it can be with all the practitioners and “experts” in the marketplace telling you what you need – whether you really need it or not.  Our lives are individual to each of us, as are our joys, circumstances, issues and life paths – they are not one-size-fits-all.
We’ve decided it may be helpful to create a program that offers everything in one place that is custom-created for those with which we have the pleasure to work. A program that is simple, realistic, grounded, effective and affordable. And we do this with and through our authentic and highly vetted guides, practitioners, and instructors - all working together as a team on your behalf.
As you may agree - there are many, many choices available to you out there for holistic and spiritual practitioners and guides – almost too many. We feel the offerings in the marketplace can be disjointed, overpriced, and in short – puzzling. In many cases, trying to figure out what to do and where to turn can be confusing, overwhelming and can have a person throw their hands up in frustration. We see this day after day. We decided to take our gifts and talents and do something about it – create something that we believe makes it all easy and clear – and works for those looking for an alternative.  A different way to go about it.
A place without the hype and buzz words – just the truth with an authentic group of guides, practitioners and instructors that want to be in service. We care, and truly desire to become instrumental in guiding you to the life you deserve. This is our passion.
We are even more zealous about making these services both attainable and sustainable. In other words - it shouldn’t cost a week’s worth of groceries to have a one-off session with a practitioner - when that session may not be what is needed anyway. It can be a costly undertaking with no real road map. It can lead to frustration, the never-ending dangling carrot, and a lighter wallet.
At Holistic Campus we have a different perspective. We offer ourselves to you as a kind of “primary care” for your whole self. We have the specialists, and you will work with a Holistic Campus Pathway Guide as your primary contact throughout your time with us.
​​Our guided packages are not cookie-cutter, they are not one size fits all - but instead they are tailored to your individual life, your personal hopes, dreams and aspirations – and help you in your life’s challenges, circumstances and mountains to climb.
​Here is how it works:
  • You will work one-on-one with a Holistic Campus Pathway Guide who will be your touchstone throughout the process and you will meet on a regular basis during your program. Your personal Pathway Guide understands the process intimately and will guide you through the steps that are needed for you to create the life you want. Physically and spiritually.
  • You will also have your own personal portal online where all your session recordings, courses, services and archived workshops are available to you anytime.
Throughout your specifically designed program, your Pathway Guide will set up the following for you:
  • private sessions with the appropriate practitioners 
  • course options that will help you along the way 
  • invitations to webinars and workshops
  • healing sessions as needed
  • other services and products
All this is included in your package and offered at a very affordable monthly contribution.
There are no additional costs or add-on fees. Just everything you need, offered to you on a silver platter as you move forward in getting where you want to be.
There are 6 and 12 month packages and simple payment plans are available. We can work with you on this. There is financial flexibility here. Our guided packages start for as little as $77 per month for 6 months. 
The best part of this we believe? The connection. You don’t have to explain your “story” over and over again - hoping a stranger will understand. Your Pathway Guide works on your behalf with our authentic and vetted practitioners and specialists. There is someone for you to connect with, and that understands, always.
Does this resonate with you?
If you would like a Discovery Session to learn more and see if this is a good fit, click here to set up a time to connect with Carolyn, our principal Pathway Guide. There is no charge for a Discovery Session, just a few moments in time to get to know one another and see where it take us. You deserve to take care of yourself too, don’t you think?
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