Nancy Smith

Spiritual Medium, Akashic Soul Reader, Spirit Artist


  • Mediumship and Spirit Art

  • Akashic Soul Readings

  • Blending Business and your Soul 

  • Past Lives and Soul Contracts


  • Spiritual Healing

  • Soul Healing 


I help people build a healing, nurturing connection with their Soul and Spirit that will bring meaning and purpose into their lives. This connection will build a continuity of love and grace from the Highest Source.


I offer mediumship sessions to connect people to the loved one in Spirit.  As I connect with Spirit, I also draw the faces that I see.


In and Akashic Soul Session, I connect with the Client’s Akashic Records, Soul to receive the higher guidance from the Angels, masters, teachers and loved ones. These sessions are individual for each client. During each session I open the records to assess what a client needs using Angel and Tarot cards. The session may include a past life journey, Soul Contract Work, Dream Interpretation or Energy Healing or a blend of these modalities.


I offer sacred space building techniques and inner dialogue work based on Hal and Sidra Stone’s “Voice Dialogue.” These are conversations with our inner most voices so that we can learn what is going on in our inner most self. You will learn to love, accept and work with your inner self in a compassionate sacred setting.    

Founding Practitioner

How We Connect: In Person, Phone, Zoom

Reach Out to Nancy

Nancy Smith has been working in the Akashic Records with Spirit for over 15 years. Nancy has developed and teaches a program called The Akashic Journey to Soul Mastery, a series of classes about the higher energy of the Akasha which holds the mystery of your Soul. She teaches in groups and private sessions around the country.

Nancy packs every speech with tons of practical spiritual tips and executable empowering guidance. Nancy is a medium and spiritual advisor, teacher and author working in her field for over 20 years. She has presented and spoken in Churches, Spiritual Centers, Trade shows, private homes and with her clients. Over the years Nancy has spoken at the Healthy Living Expos, Zuzu's New Age Expos, Barnes & Noble, Ghost Chronicles radio shows, Psychic up of Coffee radio show, Bridge Between Two Words Blog Talk radio, Spiritualist Churches throughout New England among others. 

Nancy has developed and taught her own certificate program called the School of Akashic Soul Mastery. She teaches from her studio as well as centers throughout New England.

We are created from love and we will return to that love. The miracle in our life is returning to that love in our life NOW!

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