Marlene Pinsky Panish

Medium & Intuitive Counselor


  • Mediumship Development 

    • includes

      • Psychometry Practice

      • creating Sacred Spaces 

Circumstances, Opportunities, Issues and Ailments I work with: 

Hot-flashes, depression, sleep issues, chronic pain, emotional trauma, indecision, career advice, spiritual guidance, mediumship, angel and spirit guide messages, emotional healing, life path guidance

How we Connect:  Phone, Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, in person

Location:  East Falmouth, MA, USA


I connect people with their spirit guides and loved one, councelor daily issues and spiritual unfoldment, teach mediumship, help with health issues for people and pets


Marlene works with spirit messengers and angels and has the ability to connect with your loved ones and spirit teachers. Together they will explore and offer insight into your spiritual journey. Marlene also has a keen knack for offering guidance on issues you may be having with your pet.

“I trust what is brought forth from spirit in a reading is meant for your highest and best. All messages are  
God centered and sacred. Information comes through me, not from me. During a reading my
senses are used to receive spirit messages.”

Marlene has studied and practiced Mediumship since 1979. She studied extensively under internationally known mediums Reverend Gladys and Kenneth Custance of the First Spiritualist Church of Onset, Massachusetts.
​Marlene is a seasoned medium with over 30 years experience. 

"My hope is that you will leave the reading with a greater sense of your own connection to Spirit, and that it will awaken a desire to further explore your own Spiritual Journey."

"I believe we are all here to find, and live, our inner truth. This truth is our compass ~ steering us toward joy. 

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