Letter from a Guinea Pig

When I was presented with the question "Do you know what a walk-in is?" In 2011 my world had changed forever.  After I recovered from my shock and disbelief of what it all meant, I searched high and low for help. The attempt was futile, as there was none to be found, at least no program that brought it all together to guide me through this seemingly crazy offer that was presented to me. 


I was lost and confused and waiting - always waiting. Continually told to "let it flow" while all I really wanted to do is help. I wanted to DO SOMETHING!

There are so many pieces to this, so many moving parts in the journey of a walk-in and so many things that were unclear to me, and I had no idea where to turn or what to do. 


One day, when I was at a very low point, confused, frustrated and didn’t know what else to do, a miracle happened. I was introduced to guidance that would change everything. I found myself, heart in hand, being guided step-by-step by some incredible loving guides to bring this journey from what felt like complete stagnation to a beautiful reunion with my twin flame. It was finally time.


I have learned since then that it is my mission in this lifetime to help others with this walk-in process. I was the proverbial “guinea pig”, tasked with the mission to help create a way to allow this to happen for more souls. And as each day passed, I was lovingly guided with exactly what I could, and should do to help, and was shown step-by-step all the pieces that were to be brought together to make this miracle a reality.  


I was completely honored and happy to do this work. So, I packed up my neat and orderly little traditional corporate life and set it on the shelf to begin this journey. Since then things have gently (and not so gently at times) unfolded for me, and I have had the honor to be guided in creating a program to help others in situations similar to mine.

It is my mission and desire to help others through this process, a lot faster, and a lot easier than it was for me. And it seems this was the plan all along.  So, I put together all the things I’ve learned and was guided to do in a neat and effective little program specifically for walk-in’s – yet still flexible enough to take into consideration all the specific details and idiosyncrasies that come with our individual selves and circumstances.


Everything you need is presented to you step by step, in the right order, just when it is needed. All the private sessions, healing, clearing, connections with the other side, exercises – and yes, a bit of homework too - are all part of it and included. The program is easy to follow, and we do it together, step by step. Think of it as a nice, neat little walk-in bundle.  


Regarding the investment or contribution that we share to keep things moving along, that is pretty flexible as well, so money doesn’t have to become an issue. I’m happy to discuss that with you as well, should the opportunity arise. 


If this feels right, reach out. It would be my pleasure and honor to connect.


In happiness and gratitude,


A bit about the program -
Together we will take the steps needed one by one, in divine timing, with each tailored to your special circumstances and incorporating sessions, education, and healing.  During this process, I will be your Pathway Guide and we will meet often during the process. The progression incorporates trained and vetted practitioners, healers, and educators that truly understand the walk-in process.  Since each person's circumstances are different, the steps are also quite flexible.
~ Carolyn
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