Laurian Clause

Sound and Light Code Practitioner

  • Activate Your Soul Song 

  • Light Language Transmissions through Sound Healing

  • Introduction to Light Language and Sound Healing Course

  • Advanced Course - Light Language Transmission Series

Circumstances, Opportunities, Issues and Ailments I work with: 

Emotional trauma, indecision, spiritual guidance, emotional healing, ascension symptoms, releasing old patterns, clearing imprints, DNA activation, activate others to speak the language of light, journeying through the Dark Night of the Soul.  

How we Connect:  Phone, Zoom, Skype,

in person

Location:  Lafayette, LA, USA


I believe that we are connected to a universe made up of energy fields: sound, light and geometric patterns. Our cells carry consciousness based on our learned beliefs and programs that can interfere with our authenticity.

I use sound to activate your energy fields using my voice to tone and channel light coded frequencies of sacred geometric patterns from the higher spiritual realms. This is known as the Language of Light, Light Language or Star Language. Light Language is an intuitive, heart-centered form of communication with one’s soul. As it engages with your energy field it can positively impact your DNA. These frequencies can change cellular memory in a way that assist the body while bypassing the logical brain. It’s a language of the soul, so it allows communication directly with Source without the interference of the mind and it activates codes that assist in healing on multiple levels. While the sounds may mean nothing to our logical and linguistic brain, the language is able to penetrate the subconscious where it invites us to explore our connection back to self. It can be spoken, sang, written and danced to be expressed in many creative ways. It is our greatest potential for communication with our true nature.

In a session my soul connects with your soul to open and activate your fields of consciousness to connect with the highest vibration of love. We each vibrate at our own unique frequency known as resonant frequency. This includes all cells, tissues and organs of our physical body and our etheric body. When one experiences a symptom, our body is out of its harmonic resonant frequency; it may have lost its tune. For example, a diseased organ has forgotten its song. When brought back into harmony the organ can sign its song as the body remembers the lyrics. In vocal toning and speaking Light Language the vibration becomes a waveform carrying information into the body. Vibration and light are very effective at getting past the cell wall where healing and transformation can occur. One of the most powerful instruments for healing is the human voice. I invite you to also experience the power of your own voice. No musical experience necessary!


Laurian is a Sound and Light Code Practitioner. She left 30 years of a Banking Career to launch her spiritual practice. Five years into that career, her thirst to BE more was reflected in spending weekends and vacation time learning about different healing modalities. AS a Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP) through Trinity School of Natural Health, she practiced in that field for several years on a part-time basis while working Full-time in Banking. Later she added to her skills and became a LED Light Therapy Practitioner and she learned about the benefits of light therapy and its potential in healing on multiple levels. This continued to pique her interest to dive deeper into understanding light and its remarkable impact through daily personal practice.

Laurian’s greatest passion and love is centered around the emotional aspects of healing.  She loves to share all that she has learned to empower others to find their own unique voice and gifts.  She believes we can change the world one person at a time.   Her love in sound healing was found after work with a Shaman who opened her throat chakra and who indicated that she would express herself in new ways.  Not long after that she began to experience her voice pierced with these tones and vibrations from another realm.  She began to sing vocal tones and to speak the language of light (aka Light Language).  Simultaneously, she began signing and drawing light encoded sacred geometric patterns and frequencies.  She began using toning and Light Language in her daily meditation and then to clear others. Her library of tones and dialects continues to grow each day.  It follows that she was lead to get her certification as a Sound Practitioner.  She credits these acquired skills to her personal awareness in tapping into higher levels of consciousness where light codes are activated.  This has been the catalyst for all her skills coming forward in the expression of Toning and Light Language.  

“If we accept that sound is vibration and we know that vibration touches every part of our physical being, then we understand that sound is heard not only through our ears but through every cell in our bodies.”

-Dr. Mitchell Gaynor

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