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A Group of Prophets

A “Group of Prophets” is what our Spirit Guides have called this community. What a remarkable thing to be a part of, and what remarkable work there is to do in raising the vibration of the collective consciousness. Those who see this have a happy home here participating and helping to create a community that will go on through the years to do incredible things as we focus out, while focusing on the awakening shift that we are all a part of.  Some souls are ready, some are not, but all are worthy and we are here and ready to be called upon.


A Group of Patrons

We invite you to be part of raising the collective consciousness on the planet. As we create venues and outlets in which to share our knowledge, practices and gifts – we band together in a shared mission as a community to raise the vibration on the planet through what we offer.  Your donations will help fund these programs.


We understand that working together as a community can create something so much stronger and more relevant than each of us could individually. It is for that purpose specifically that we come together. We understand that “We” is so much more important and fulfilling than “I”.


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  • Spiritual Concierge Service

  • Scholarships 

  • Holistic Kids Campus

  • Development of free online courses, events, and workshops, open to everyone

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