Katie Speed

Channeled Messages & Healing


  • Healing Intuitive Readings

  • Past Life Readings

  • Past Life Regressions

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Cutting Cords


  • Healing Intuitive Readings

  • Past Life Readings

  • Past Life Regressions

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Cutting Cords

Circumstances, Opportunities, Issues and Ailments I work with: 

Hot-flashes, depression, sleep issues, chronic pain, emotional trauma, indecision, career advice, spiritual guidance, mediumship, angel and spirit guide messages, emotional healing, life path guidance

Founding Practitioner

Founding Instructor

How we Connect:  Phone, Email (for readings), video, in person

Location:  Natrona Heights, PA, USA


Healing Readings with Karen Kubicko
Karen works with people who are willing to heal on a deep emotional and energetic level due to a trauma in this life or past lives and are interested in getting acquainted with their spirit guides and angels to allow them to guide the healing. Can include an introduction to your spirit guide group, angels, past lives and passed over loved ones who are all here to help you get through this lifetime. If any trauma, relationship, health issue, etc. needs addressed and you are ready to release it on all levels, it will be presented and healed through angel guidance.

Past Life Readings with Karen Kubicko
Karen tunes into the past lives of those who are interested in finding out more about themselves, their path, relationships, careers, and much much more. Receive a personal introduction to your spirit guides and angels who can help you understand your whole soul path.

Holistic Kids Guidance

Since 2004, the study of reincarnation and past life regression has been Karen’s passion. She has been an active participant in past life regressions and has helped hundreds of people remember and heal from their own past lives. Karen completed the Past Life Therapy Professional Training Course with Dr. Brian Weiss and Carole Weiss. She also studied several healing modalities including Reiki, Soul Retrieval, EFT Emotional Freedom Technique, Angel Card Readings with Doreen Virtue, and years of intuitive training.


Karen published a book, Life is Just Another Class—One Soul’s Journey through Past Life Regression, in which she heals the present through the past and continues her journey as a soul. Join her as she travels through sixteen past lives and the emotional, spiritual and physical healing that has positively influenced her present lifetime. This book is a true account of her soul’s journey through life, death and going into the light. Written so you can feel comfortable remembering and healing from your own past lives. Available online via Amazon (paperback and Kindle) as well as Barnes and Noble. $14.44 paperback and $7.44 Kindle version.

"There is only one happiness in this life,

to love and be loved. Love yourself."

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