What Are You Dealing With?


I have some general questions

  • What is Spirituality?

  • I think I might by psychic

  • Am I alone here? I feel so alone

  • Why am I here?


My Career

  • I want to find my passion

  • I want to learn to be a practitioner

  • Why do I repeat the same cycle in work?

  • Being a Lightworker

I want to understand myself

  • I don’t feel like myself any more

  • I’m too hard on myself

  • Does my Inner Child need healing?

  • How Can I deal with Trauma?

  • Am I a Walk-in Soul

  • Ego - How does my ego affect me

  • Realm of Origin

Dealing with Relationships

  • Divorce

  • My Kids

  • My animals

  • Spouse Issues

  • Family Issues

  • Co-workers


I'm Dealing with Grief

  • I've lost a loved one

  • I've lost myself

  • Ways to deal, ways to cope


My Physical Being

  • My Energy Level

  • Medical Intuition

  • My Physical Pain


Spiritual Mysteries

  • I am bothered by negative spirits

  • Near Death Experiences NDE

  • Where is my Twin Flame

  • I think I am psychic

  • Miracles

  • Weird unexplained occurrences

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I want to find Love

  • Where is my Twin Flame?

  • Why can’t I find love?

  • Why do I repeat the same cycle in love?

  • Why does love hurt so much?


My Spirituality

  • I want to find my passion

  • Why am I here in this lifetime?

  • How do I begin to understand spirituality?

  • I want to work in the Spirituality field

I want to heal myself

  • Putting Ego Aside

  • I don’t feel like myself

  • Raising Energy

  • Balancing Chakras

  • Healing the Inner Child

  • Meditation

  • Cleansing Present and Past lives


I’m a little lost

  • I'm too hard on myself

  • My Spirituality

  • I'm bothered by negativity

  • I just can't find my way in life

  • Understanding Self

  • Ways to deal, ways to cope

Being a Lightworker

  • Developing my empathic gifts

  • Developing my Intuition

  • I want to raise my awareness


My Finances

  • I’m always broke /

  • Money burns a hole in my pocket

  • Money isn’t a dirty word

  • Financial Abundance

  • Ways to deal, ways to cope


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