Annette Burke

Shamanic Healer

Founding Practitioner

Circumstances, Opportunities, Issues and Ailments I work with: 

Find and heal lifetimes of original wounds, Heal and erase imprints from energy field, Clear and heal karma, pain and trauma from past, present and future, Remove curses, genetic imprints/beliefs, Balance energy flow to align Masculine and Feminine energy, Heal and re-write soul contracts, Soul Retrieval, Find and retrieve power animals, Cut cords, Extractions, Stone Circle Divinations(tm)


  • Find and heal lifetimes of original woundings

  • Heal and erase imprints from energy field

  • Clear and heal karma, pain and trauma from past, present and future

  • Remove curses, genetic imprints/beliefs

  • Balance energy flow to align Masculine and Feminine energy

  • Heal and re-write soul contracts

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Find and retrieve power animals

  • Cut cords

  • Extractions

  • Stone Circle Divinations(tm)

How We Connect: Phone, in person

Location: Jamestown, RI, USA

Interview with Annette

It is said that you don't choose to become a Shaman. You are called to be one.   

Over 15 years ago, Annette who is also a certified Yoga Instructor was attending a yoga retreat in Sedona Arizona.  While there she received her calling through visions she experienced during a meditation ceremony and again during a Sweat Lodge.  Something within her told her this was something she could not ignore.  Without hesitation and relying on pure instinct and intuition,  she said yes to the call. Never looking back, she has been walking this path ever since.
Annette has studied Shamanic Healing techniques with Alberto Villoldo and his school, The Four Winds.  She has also worked and trained with the Q'ero Inka Shamans of the Andes, the jungle Shamans of the Amazon and an Ecuadorian Shaman.

For the past 15 years Annette has had a full time, worldwide Shamanic Healing Practice.  She teaches year long Shamanic Practitioner trainings and has been teaching and developing Shamanic workshops and trainings for over 10 years.  Annette is passionate about her work.  It has completely changed her life and for her, the Shamanic Path is a way of life.  

Using Shamanic healing techniques Annette works with her clients to help them become their whole, healed selves and step into who they truly are. As Annette explains, "In Shamanic Healing we help clients let go of and heal the karma, pain, trauma and genetics that have been holding them back.  We bring back and heal parts of the soul that have been lost and are now ready and needed by them to heal.  We erase soul contracts that no longer serve them so they are no longer informed by them.  We heal the past and let go of their old story so it too no longer informs them and keeps them stuck in the past.  We write and create a new story full of new potential and new possibilities.  We open new doors that will lead them to who they are becoming and who they truly are.  In Shamanic Healing we move beyond the probable and into the possible."

Annette has learned to always say "yes" to the Universe when it calls to her.  In her own experience she has found that the Universe always responds back and she believes when you let go and just "go with it" trusting that the Universe is providing you with exactly what you need now, this is where the magic happens.  Shamanic Healing is not magic, but through this work, magical things can and do happen.
Annette still works with clients everyday and now has also expanded her work by developing a worldwide community of medicine men and women from all traditions to work together with a common Global  intention to help heal themselves, anyone and everyone around the Globe who may need it and our beautiful Mother Earth.  Annette has a Facebook page, Transcending Global Mesa.  Every Friday she sets an intention for the group and people from all around the world join her from wherever they are at anytime during that day.  They connect together with Love through the intention and through their medicine. You are invited to join them each Friday.   The word mesa means altar.  A mesa is a personal medicine bundle or personal altar.  It is not necessary to have a traditional mesa or altar to join them.   All you need is Love.


Annette believes the time is now for all of us to let go and heal whatever needs to be healed within us so we can “wake up” and shift the Body, Mind and Spirit and remember who we truly are.  There are many paths that can get you there.  Through Shamanic Healing, Annette can help you step onto the path that you need right now and open you to all possibilities to continue to move forward and become who you are becoming and who you have always been.

"In Shamanic Healing we move beyond the probable and into the possible."

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