Amora Melchizadek

Contemporary Shaman

Circumstances, Opportunities, Issues and Ailments I work with: 

1) Last resort, all other traditional methods of resolving issues have failed, be that physical ailment or being under some psychic influence or out and out black magic attack.

2) Someone is experiencing something that is of a multidimensional nature and it is messing with their mind.

3) A teacher is aware that I am a defender of the Divine Feminine and knows that my presence in their arena of work ensures a safe and held space whilst bringing the balance of the Divine Masculine.

Founding Practitioner

How We Connect: Email, Zoom, In Person, Skype and Facebook Video

Location: Nadur, Gozo, Malta


  • Addressing and remedying psychic and black magic attacks.

  • Space holding for spiritual meetings, ceremonies and workshops, including bringing balance by deepening the Divine Masculine presence.

  • Soul retrieval and negative entity extraction.

  • Providing integration counselling for walk-ins and their families.

  • Protecting the Divine Feminine (especially from astral vampiric sacral hooks).

  • For those serious about accelerated spiritual growth, pathworking advice on integrating the inner shadow and avoiding projected shadow from others.

  • Leading Plant-Spirit encounters in nature.



Amora was an undercover detective for 16 years in the UK, which provided a grounding in investigation, interviewing, and file preparation, then he began having spontaneous siddhi events where his consciousness left the body, this culminated in a walk-in soul exchange, at which point Amora's spiritual journey began in earnest.

He then traveled 3 times around the world learning from indigenous tribal cultures, and then he stepped into work roles of carer and residential social worker for 15 years, he looked after the terminally ill, severely handicapped, and adolescents with challenging behavior.

In more recent years, Amora has moved into the sphere of helping those who are seeking to find their soul mate, have been the victims of black magic (or psychic attack), and working as a facilitator within groups to conduct earth-healing at sacred sites around the world.

He is often called upon as a space-holder in workshops run by those who work with Magdalene energies (mainly attended by females) in order to bring a balance through his own cultivated Divine Masculine energy.

His shamanic path has also attracted ancient Jade skulls to him and he works with both crystals and crystal skull consciousness to help raise general human awareness, and altruistically transmutes issues held within the collective consciousness.

"I am here in service to the whole.
However, I recognize YOU as a magnificent soul embarked

upon a seemingly endless journey, and at times when you may feel weary, confused, in pain, or lost, I am here to help you rediscover your connection, your joy, your happiness."

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