Envision a Community

In joining together this group of remarkable and authentic spiritual practitioners, we are opening an introduction and referral opportunity for those seeking guidance, 

to connect with the very people most qualified and passionate to assist them. 


Welcome to the Holistic Campus Community

The first and foremost point in creating this community is just that – creating a community. We all have something to share, and we all have something to contribute.  Our individual talents, gifts and insights are as diverse as they are distinct. And all are important and play a part in our community. In coming together, we offer a way to unite these gifts, and create a deeper experience for our clients, as well as ourselves as Practitioners and Instructors.

In continuing to strengthen and bring together this group of notable practitioners, instructors and guides, we are offering an introduction opportunity for those seeking guidance - or simply seeking information and direction in their life’s path.  

We offer a way to connect with the very people that are most authentic, qualified and passionate to assist them.  Our community works together, smiles and laughs together, cries together when it’s necessary, and supports one another while understanding the importance of focusing outward and being in service.

​We do this all for the Greater good. In concentrating on that greater good, we believe that the individual good is realized as a happy byproduct.

What a remarkable thing to be part of, to guide someone on their life's journey. We are honored to be a part of it.

We understand that it is important work to offer truth among the chaos. To offer guidance to get to the simple truth of who you are, and to understand your life’s purpose.

​To us, this work and this community is a gift.  

As we create venues and outlets, workshops and sessions in which to share our knowledge, practices and gifts – we band together in a shared mission.  We understand that working together as a community can create something so much stronger and more relevant than any of us could individually.

Realizing this was the spark of creation and how the Holistic Campus Community, and Spirit University, came into being. 

We welcome you. We're honored to be part of your journey.

Would you care for some help?
It would be our pleasure to assist, answer your questions,
and offer guidance.
No obligation, we're just here to help.
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