Hollie Barclay, RN, IBCLC, RMT, CHBE

Intuitive Healer, Holistic Health,�Psychic MediumMediumship, Psychic Readings, Reiki, Energy Healing, Expanding Consciousness, Spiritual Healing


  • Energy Healing

  • Channeling Spirit

  • Yoga

How we Connect:  Phone, Email (for readings), video, in person

Pathway Guide for Steps 1,2,3,4,5

Location:  Bow, New Hampshire, USA

Sessions Offered: 

  • Automatic Writing Channeled Messages; Healing

  • Channeled Energy Healing: Distant and In-person

Applied Kinesiology Bodywork Books/Publishers Brainwave Optimization Ceremonies Certifications & Trainings Chakra Healing Classes & Workshops Coaching Counseling & Therapy Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Energy Healing And Medicine Energy Psychology Events: Ongoing Hands-On Healing Healing Meditation Personal Growth Publications Reconnective Healing Reiki Self-Healing Space Clearing Spiritual Counseling & Healing ThetaHealing Veteran's Services Writing, Guidance, comfort, closure, looking for direction, personal life, issues career, relationships, romantic relationships, working relationships, guidance spiritual path, where do I start, Comfort, Closure, passed over, afterlife, words never said, communication with spirit, mediumship, past/parallel/future lives with empathic and intuitive knowledge through access to higher dimensions of consciousness. Provides clarity and validation, creating alignment, balance in your current life experience Angel Communication Acid/Alkaline Balancing Angels Animal Services Aromatherapy Bodywork Breastfeeding Support Certifications & Trainings Chakra Healing Channeling Childbirth/Midwifery/Doula Children's Health & Services Classes & Workshops Cleansing Programs Coaching Detoxification Digestive Health Dream Work Energy Healing And Medicine Family Constellation Work Family Health & Services Hands-On Healing Healing Healing Touch Health Coach Herbs & Herbalists Holistic Health Products Holistic Nursing Homeopathy Hospice Integrative Holistic Medicine Medical Intuitives Medical Services Meditation Mediums Men's Health & Spirituality Mindfulness Naturopathy Nutrition Online Resources Past Life Healing Personal Growth Psychics Readings Reiki Self-Healing Space Clearing Spiritual Counseling & Healing Spiritual Education Spiritual Practices Stress Reduction Vibrational Healing & Tools Vitamins & Supplements Weight Management Wellness Consultant Women's Health & Spirituality Yoga Other: International board certified Lactation consultant, IBCLC, labor and delivery nurse, obstetrics nurse, RN , registered nurse, doula, infant calming and soothing, pregnancy, maternity, psychic attunement

Personal Investment:  $80  

Oracle Card Reading, Intuitive Development Consulting, Soul-Fire Oracle Card Readings, General Spiritual Exploratory Sessions, Distant Reiki

Interview with Alethea
Sample Session with Alethea

When Alethea learned the meaning of her name as a young child, she decided to make it her beacon. As she grew, she discovered that "truth" can be subjective, but there is deeper, universal Truth, that is inherent. When we start to recognize and embrace his Truth, we find unity, peace and balance. We find the Light within.

Her spiritual and healing journey led her to write her memoir, A Girl Named Truth, and to delve more deeply into the study of metaphysics and energy healing. Her business, Inner Truth Healing, evolved after she became a Master / Teacher of Shamballa Multidimensional Healing. Now she devote her non-writing and motherhood time to helping others heal and discover the deeper Truth within through channeling the healing energy of light beings and their messages. Her workshops, whether they be yoga, writing or on various metaphysical topics, are all centered on reconnecting inner truth and the light of universal consciousness.

A Girl Named Truth
by Alethea Kehas
Some mystics believe we choose our name, along with our life's lessons, before we are born. The name we select becomes our constant guide, helping us to navigate the journey ahead. In her memoir, A Girl Named Truth, Alethea explores the subjective nature of truth while she untangles the uncomfortable wrap of narratives she was raised on.  A Girl Named Truth is a story of loss, love and the redemptive power of awakening a silenced voice.  

"I believe we are all here to find, and live, our inner truth. This truth is our compass ~ steering us toward joy. 

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