The Walk-In Soul Journey

The journey of a walk-in soul, along with their loved ones here on earth can be equally

exciting, confusing, enlightening, and challenging. In all cases is it nothing less than a miracle.


We are here to share our personal experiences and to offer you insights, thoughts and suggestions

and hopefully help to create peace and harmony during this beautiful unfolding. 


We are here in gratitude to guide you with grace, truth & sincerity.

A Personal Story

"Little did I realize that years ago when the sheer thought of a walk-in soul being part of my life was something so foreign to me, that I would be preparing to guide others just like me.  It is a gift and honor to do this work."

Working with Walk-In Souls

It has been such a joy to speak with others like me - those waiting for a walk-in to enter their lives. Those looking for explanations, and trying to make sense of it all. Those wanting to help make the transition easier and more comfortable for the walk-in returning to you. 


This is an incredible and exciting thing that is happening in your life, the journey of welcoming a walk-in soul is such a beautiful gift. It is my hope that you can experience this with joy, love and understanding, and very little frustration.


To guide those waiting here for their loved one or twin soul, there are things we can do, ways we can help.  When I stated this journey myself years ago (too many to count) I searched high and low for help - but there was none to be found, at least no program that brought it all together to guide me. I was lost and confused, and waiting - always waiting. Continually told to "let it flow" while all I really wanted to do is help. 


We don't have to simply wait. I see and understand from first hand experience that there is much more to this process than simply waiting around for something to happen. Taking a session here and there from practitioners that may or may not understand what is actually going on is fruitless. Lots of wasted time and money only to be told - "let it flow".

I was there for years, and in my frustration and persistence, I began searching and researching what to do, who to work with, and and how to make this happen easier.

Your loved one the other side is doing all they can to make this happen - I believe it is up to us to do our part too. 

If you would like to learn more about what you can do to help in this process, and the program developed from my own first hand experience, I invite you to read Letter from a Guinea Pig


To set up an appointment with me to chat - Click here or Click here to send me a message or request.

In loving gratitude, 

Carolyn Jaymes

Author of "A Life by Request - A walk-in souls journey from heaven to earth, and back again. A true story of love, life, and the other side."

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